Plant Operation and Services

Our affiliated company meteocontrol and our subsidiary SolPatrol are your competent contact partner for your solar power system. In the long-term, we also offer the repowering, dismantling and recycling of plants.


Operation & Services

The business area Plant Operation and Services covers yield reports, solar energy forecasts, system ratings, satellitecontrolled historic and current solar irradiation data, solutions for network management as well as services covering all aspects of plant operation, plant monitoring and plant optimization. In the long-term, we also offer the repowering, dismantling and recycling of plants.

The S.A.G. Solar's associate company meteocontrol GmbH draws on over 30 years of experience in the monitoring and assessment of renewable energies. It is a market leader in professional system monitoring and operates the Internet monitoring portal “safer’Sun“, which currently monitors around 40,500 systems worldwide, with a total output of over more than 10.7 GWp.

In addition, the company offers highly accurate irradiation data from satellite measurements. In Europe alone, meteocontrol GmbH has access to more than 700,000 radiation values an hour, for both current as well ashistoric values from the last 18 years.

A further essential competence of meteocontrol GmbH for the S.A.G. Solar Group is the compilation of yield and valuation reports for renewable energy systems recognized by banks and insurance companies, including, for example, a procedure accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS), which rates photovoltaic systems with regard to quality and the risk of loss of earnings. This broad technical expertise is used by meteocontrol GmbH for other service offerings, including, for example, professional and independent manufacturing supervision and the acceptance of construction work in photovoltaic projects.

This extensive service portfolio generates attractive and rising sales for the S.A.G. Solar Group and offers a collective experience that enables selective planning, supervision and performance improvement on renewable energy systems.